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1. General

1.1 How I can start my online Spanish course?
First, you have to choose a course and then pay. After the payment has been confirmed, you will have access to Lengalia's online linguistic portal by entering your email and the password you chose when registering.

1.2 How do I know which Spanish course will suit me best?
You must first complete a placement test to check your Spanish language skills! Afterwards, please read the descriptions of the Spanish courses/podcasts/videos until you find one that is appropriate for you.

1.3 Is it essential to know Spanish before booking a course?
No, if you don't know any Spanish, you should first choose one of the following options:
    a. „Spanish Course A0“. In this course, and many others, you will find the grammar explanations and dialogues translated into English, German, Italian, Portuguese and French.
    b. Spanish Course A1.

1.4 What is free on the Lengalia learning portal?
You can listen to Spanish and Latin American podcasts, watch some videos, you can use the linguistic exchange service and any material which is at free disposal on "Learn Spanish for free“.

2. Methods of payment

2.1 Which methods of payment does Lengalia accept?

2.2 Which currency is accepted for payment?
€ (Euros) and US$ (United States dollar).
You can still access our learning portal if you live in a country where neither the euro nor the US dollar is the official currency. Simply make the payment to Lengalia in euros or US dollars via visa, mastercard, american express, paypal, bank transfer (klarna), microsoft pay, google pay or apple pay and the amount will automatically be converted to your local currency. You can view the amount on your next statement or by logging into your account.
If you receive an error message and are unable to make the payment, check your card has been activated for international purchases.

2.3 Can I pay monthly?
We are unable to offer this at the moment. The course fee must be paid in full in a single payment.

2.4 Once I’ve paid, can I start the course immediately?

2.5 I have paid but I didn’t receive any access data.
First, check if our confirmation mail has landed in your spam folder. Please send us an e-mail if the money has been transferred and more than 24 hours have passed. If we made a mistake, we will try to correct it.

2.6 I have paid, but I cannot access any of the online course material? 
First, check if our confirmation mail has landed in your spam folder. Second, verify that the details you entered are correct. To check, you can click on “Forgot your password”, which appears under the login. In case that your data is correct, verify if the payment have been made correctly.

2.7 Is it safe to pay via Lengalia's website?
Yes, Lengalia uses a secure SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) which guarantees a high level of encryption. For security reasons, Lengalia does not receive at any time any information from your credit card because all payments are transferred by a payment provider.

2.8 Can I pay for two courses at the same time?
You can pay for as many courses as you wish. Every course contains its own, individual content such as: statistics, conjugated verbs, vocabulary etc.

3. Profile and adjustments

3.1 I forgot my password.
Click on “Forgot your password” and then enter the username and email you used to register. After that, you will receive an email with a new password, which you can change under “My Profile” if you want.

3.2 Can I change my password?
Yes, you can change it on your profile page when you have logged in.

3.3 Where can I find my courses?
When you are logged in, switch to "Courses". Here, you can look up all the important information about every course available and about the courses you have booked. Under "Course manager", you can activate new courses or deactivate existing courses. 

3.4 Can I delete my own profile before my course finishes? 
Yes, you can delete it when you switch to “Profile”. Please note that you will also be deleting all your user data along with all courses you have paid for.

3.5 In the tab list “Profile”, I see “Language”. What does this mean?
This is the language in which the icons and the help texts appear on the portal. By pushing the button 'Translate' in a grammar course or on one of the dialogues in the rest of the course, you will then find the text translated into the language you need.

At the moment, you can use Lengalia in any of the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. If you do not understand sufficient Spanish, you should choose a language you do understand. If your Spanish knowledge is sufficient to understand everything, choose Spanish. You can change the language at any time.

4. Learning

4.1 Which lesson should I start with?
Always with the first one. The lessons have been ordered according to difficulty and as such are designed to achieve optimum progression for learners.

4.2 How much time should I set aside for learning each week?
You should practise at least 10-15 minutes a day or two hours a week.  It is better to learn little and often, rather than trying to learn too much in one go.  Be diligent and disciplined and try learning regularly. If you take this advice into account, you will be proud of you end result!

4.3 How does the vocabulary trainer and the verb conjugator work?
Read the FAQs that you can find in every tool in the tab “?”.

4.4 How do I get my Lengalia course certificate?
To get your certificate, you need to pass a test at the end of the course. After completing the final test, you will receive your result from our virtual teacher. If you have scored more than 70%, you will have passed the test and can download your certificate as a PDF document. If you do not pass, you will have two more chances to repeat the test. If you don't pass on the third try, you will be required to book the course again.

4.5 Can I extend my course or All in flat?
If you were not able to complete the course during the time period, you can extend the course. The advantage with this is that all your data for the course (progress, vocabulary etc.) will still be saved on your profile.

5. Tutor service

5.1 How does the online teacher support work?
If you are logged in, you will see a little icon at the top of the menu which reads, "Tutor." When you click on this icon, you will find two buttons that allow you to contact your teacher, either for a live chat or for a video call.

5.2 When can I consult the Spanish Tutor service?
The tutor service is available Monday to Friday from 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm (Central European Time).

5.3 What language will my consultation be in?
We recommend speaking Spanish with your support teacher. Nevertheless you can speak in Spanish, German, French or English as well.

5.4 Which technical equipment do I need to use the service?
You will need Skype and a headset. If you want to do a video-conference call, then we recommend you use a web camera to support the communication using gestures.

5.5 What is the virtual teacher?
The virtual teacher is a virtual mode used to support you through the entire course. The virtual teacher will:
    - give you exact explanations and information on how to understand the exercises and answers
    -  show you your level of knowledge in every lesson
    - analyze your mistakes and offer you the possibility to improve your results
    - give you a certificate, if you have passed the final exam successfully at the end of the course. 

6. Technical matters

6.0 How to add a shortcut to Lengalia to your iPhone/Android Home Screen?
We recommend you read this article: Lengalia Web-App

6.1 What do I need for learning on Lengalia?
You just need access to the internet. 

6.2 What are podcasts?
Podcasts are audio files that you can listen to for free.

6.3 How can I listen to a podcast?
Click on the icon.

6.4 How can I download the audio files and Vocabulary2go? 
You have to go to "vocabulary trainer" (the specific course) and you will find the audio files under "downloads".

6.5 How do I log out of Lengalia? 
Go to “Logout” at very top of the page. 

7. Legal matters

7.1 May I pass the downloaded material on to others?
The downloaded material from the Lengalia platform is only for your personal use and not for third parties.

7.2 May I give away my password to third parties?
No, you may not. The use of the course is limited to only one person. Passing on your account data may negatively influence your results, your learning material and your statistics. Consequently, you would learn less effectively.

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