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In this Spanish vocabulary - online Spanish course we have put two learning methods together, so that you can learn Spanish vocabulary, phrases and expressions effectively for the 19 most important daily scenarios. The Dialogues and interactive Spanish exercises can help you to get to grips with the vocabulary. All dialogues and vocabulary are in an audio format.

Spanish Vocabulary I

This course is designed for all those wanting to broaden the scope of their Spanish vocabulary. To optimise your learning process, we recommend using this course together with the Vocabulary Trainer.

Spanish Vocabulary I

Spanish Vocabulary II

This course is aimed at those who are wanting to broaden their knowledge of Spanish vocabulary. We recommend that whilst undertaking this course you use the Vocabulary Trainer on the side, in order to optimise your learning experience.

Spanish Vocabulary II

Vokabeln to go

Learning new vocabulary can be both fun and simple if you use the right vocabulary strategies. Using our Vocabulary 2go is the fastest and most powerful way to learn Spanish vocabulary, idioms and useful expressions for daily life. You can just simply download the audio files from the course and start having fun whilst learning Spanish anywhere, as they even work without an internet connection.

EXAMPLE: Lesson 2 Buying food I


Mühelos und in kurzer Zeit lernen Sie neue spanische Vokabeln und Ausdrücke. Mit dem Lengalia Vokabeltrainer werden Vokabeln automatisch und mit System in das Langzeitgedächtnis übertragen. Gelernt wird durch das wiederholte Abfragen von Vokabeln (Kärtchen).