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Writing notes is awesome! It can help you learn Spanish better and retain information more easily. You can enhance your learning and get the most out of your learning journey. So go ahead, start taking notes today, and discover how much you can learn!

With this tool, you can create and manage your own notes for each page (grammar, exercises, vocabulary, etc.). Each note created is linked to the corresponding page, so you will always find your notes in the right place, i.e., where you need them. This will help you make your learning more effective and organized.


Here are just a few of the many ways that this tool can help you when learning Spanish online with Lengalia.

If you have difficulty remembering the endings of a verb in a certain tense, add them to your notes.

Usage rules
If you are not sure when to use a verb, verb form, structure, etc. you can make a note of the correct use and have quick access to these notes.

You can make a list of the most important exceptions to the rules so that you always have it at hand.

Frequent mistakes
If you notice that you always make the same mistake, you can make a note of it before doing an exercise on this topic again.

Tips for your trip

If you want to travel to Latin America, you can listen to our podcasts and jot down all of our recommendations.

Final review
At the end of the course it is very useful to review all your notes to see if you have achieved your learning objectives. This can also help you to get a better score in your final exam.

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