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Course description

This Video Eating Out - online Spanish course is designed for all those who like eating in Spanish restaurants and who enjoy Spanish food and wine.

The course contains 2 videos of approximately 20 minutes. Each one comes accompanied by a corresponding transcript, explanations of the vocabulary that presents the most difficulty and numerous interactive exercises with which you will be able to broaden your Spanish knowledge.

Recommended level
B1. The following online placement test will allow you to evaluate your existing level of Spanish.

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Course content

Lesson 1 Eating out: Tapas
Lesson 2 Spanish wine

Video example – Ir de Tapas

Course goals

Along with helping you to get by on your next visit to a Spanish restaurant, this course will also introduce you to the world of Spanish wine. 

Lesson content

A variety of exercises focusing on grammar and vocabulary and exercises focusing on listening and reading skills. With our Vocabulary Trainer, you can practice and improve your vocabulary from the course on your smartphone or tablet. 

All videos have a transcript (a written version of the audio). This allows you to listen and read at the same time.

Audios & Videos
With native speakers to practice and improve your listening skills for different scenarios.

A glossary containing the most relevant words and phrases from the lesson.

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Vocabulary Trainer, Verb Conjugator, Online Translator, etc.

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Advice and technical support during your course.

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