Reading Spanish


Tips for effective learning

Read, read and read some more! Reading is by far the single most important contributor to learning a second language.


- You do not need to understand every word in a text to understand its basic meaning. One of the most common mistakes is trying to grasp the meaning of every word.

- Think about the title of the text, the introduction, the content and the conclusion.

- Read the text more than once. Concentrate on the key words and main ideas.

- Don’t just read with your eyes. Without reading the texts aloud and analysing them in detail, you won’t understand the words.

- Carefully select texts which are suited to your level and gradually increase the difficulty of the texts.

- The best way to learn new words is by reading. Read and, when you do not understand a word, try to deduce the meaning purely from the context. Afterwards, use a dictionary to check if your understanding was right. This technique will help you to learn words more quickly instead of learning them by heart. Other ways of deducing the meaning of a word:
a. Related words: similar words in other languages.
b. The morphology of a word: its prefix and suffix.


- Read texts and dialogues from the various course levels.

- Read books which have different levels of difficulty. 

- Read newspapers and magazines.

- Surf the internet.

- Read books for children or young adults.

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