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Lengalia’s method, used for all the courses and units, permits the development of your language skills in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR).



The Lengalia learning platform includes everything you need to learn Spanish effectively: numerous Spanish courses, podcasts, videos, learning resources, support from an online tutor and a language community.



An important part of the learning portal here at Lengalia is our community: a social network open to all who are interested in Spanish (Facebook, Instagram, blog, etc.).


- Reserve a specific time every day for language learning. We recommend at least 10 minutes per day. It is more effective to study a little bit every day than to try to cram everything in once a week..

- Check your progress using your Individual Learning Statistics so you will know which aspects you should concentrate on.

- Do not try to learn everything at once. Set yourself realistic short term goals and achieve them at your own pace.

- Do not be afraid to make mistakes. We all learn from mistakes.

- Repeat what you have learned from time to time. 80% of what we forget is forgotten in the first 24 hours after we have learned it.

- Cultivate your patience and perseverance during the learning process.

- Lengalia will help you with your learning process, but the actual learning is an individual task. The final result depends on you.