Learning with method

Spanish made easier through system learning

Success is achieved step by step

All our courses are self-paced courses, or often just referred to as an “online course,” (you have access to all of the content in your course immediately after purchasing it). You determine the pace for studying, allowing you the opportunity to move much more quickly through the courses and you can save lot of money on tuition with our more than 18.000 in-depth explanations about the spanish grammar. You get a certificate at the end of your studies.

With Lengalia you can study in two different ways:

1. Guided course

We guide you

In logical learning stages, we guide you through your course with logical learning steps (learning paths).

2. Personalized course

You decide

Focused on meeting your individual needs and interests. It adapts to your individual pace and you are free to choose which course, lesson, topic or exercise you would like to learn at any given moment.

Our learning concept

1. Acquiring a base
2. Learn vocabulary
3. Learn grammar rules and how to conjugate verbs
4. Improve listening comprehension
5. Perfect the language

1. Acquiring a base

Knowing the phonetic and grammatical rules from the beginning is fundamental to acquire a linguistic basis. Once you know the basics of the language, it will be much easier and faster to continue your learning.

2. Learn vocabulary

Learn the 382 most important basic words in Spanish with our vocabulary trainer. If you want to expand your vocabulary, our vocabulary trainer offers you more than 23,500 words to learn. The content is distributed in 7 levels (A0 - C2), and per course.

3. Learn grammar rules and how to conjugate verbs

Know the different Spanish grammatical structures and when to use them. To learn how to conjugate verbs, Lengalia proposes the verbal conjugator with the 108 most commonly used verbs (it implies 12,468 possible conjugations).

4. Improve listening comprehension

Watch and listen the numerous videos and audios that we offer you in our courses. Lengalia also offers 65 podcasts on different levels of difficulty, with their respective transcripts.  

5. Perfect the language

Deepen your Spanish in different professional subject areas (specific purposes). To this end, Lengalia offers different courses that will help you learn and expand your technical vocabulary and grammatical structures specific to the professional field.

Tips for effective learning


• Reserve a specific time every day for language learning. We recommend at least 10 minutes per day. It is more effective to study a little bit every day than to try to cram everything in once a week..

• Check your progress using your Individual Learning Statistics so you will know which aspects you should concentrate on.

• Do not try to learn everything at once. Set yourself realistic short term goals and achieve them at your own pace.

• Do not be afraid to make mistakes. We all learn from mistakes.

• Repeat what you have learned from time to time. 80% of what we forget is forgotten in the first 24 hours after we have learned it.

• Cultivate your patience and perseverance during the learning process.

• Lengalia will help you with your learning process, but the actual learning is an individual task. The final result depends on you.