Spanish vocabulary trainer

The best way to learn vocabulary

Better results

Do you find it difficult to learn and remember new vocabulary? Lengalia's vocabulary trainer helps you learn vocabulary automatically and systematically, ensuring you never forget words again.
It's ideal for all learners who want to practise their vocabulary while on the move with their smartphone or Ipad.

How does the vocabulary trainer work?

The trainer consists of 5 different cells. The vocabulary of the corresponding course is automatically loaded into cell 1. As you learn, words (flashcards) you know are moved to the next cell, while those you don't are returned to cell 1. As soon as cell 1 is empty, it is automatically loaded with more new words.
Once a word has passed through all five cells, it will be saved in the "LEARNED" cell, as well as in your own long-term memory!





Why is it so effective?

Lengalia's vocabulary trainer is based on Hermann Ebbinghaus' findings on the psychology of learning. According to Ebbinghaus, you forget things that you have recently learned but, by repeating the learned skills, you can make more and more improvements. Therefore, you can remember vocabulary more easily by repeating it. At the beginning, you should revise little and often but after that, you should take longer breaks and then repeat the vocabulary on a regular basis.
The words that you forget easily should be repeated as often as possible. Those you know well will not need to be repeated so often.

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