Spanish vocabulary I

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Course description

This Spanish vocabulary I - online Spanish course is designed for all those wanting to broaden the scope of their Spanish vocabulary. To optimise your learning process, we recommend using this course together with the Vocabulary Trainer (included in the course).
This course contains 13 lessons with numerous dialogues, vocabulary with the most important words and expressions and a huge variety of interactive exercises with which you will be able to extend your Spanish knowledge.

Recommended level
A2. The following placement test will allow you to evaluate your existing level of Spanish online.

Spanish placement test

Course content

Lesson 1 Bars and restaurants
Lesson 2 Buying food I
Lesson 3 Buying food II
Lesson 4 Describing people
Lesson 5 Accommodation
Lesson 6 The time
Lesson 7 The house I
Lesson 8 The house II
Lesson 9 The city I
Lesson 10 The city II
Lesson 11 The family and social relations
Lesson 12 The beach
Lesson 13 The office
Lesson 14 Final test

Lessons content

A text to introduce the topic of each lesson. This allows you to listen and read at the same time.

A variety of exercises divided by topic to teach you common Spanish words and expressions used in everyday language, as well as level A2 grammar.

A glossary containing all the most relevant words and phrases from each lesson. With our Vocabulary Trainer, you can practice and improve your professional vocabulary from the course even on the go.

Audios & Videos
With native speakers to practice and improve your listening skills for different scenarios.

Spanish Certificate

Internationally Recognized GER

After passing the course level test you will receive an internationally recognised certificate. This document will demonstrate your language proficiency for both academic and professional purposes such as: university entrance, undertaking an Erasmus program, visa application, a job application, etc.).

International language standards
The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard used worldwide to define language skills of students. The courses and certificates at Lengalia are made according to the capabilities and requirements of the CEFR.

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Course goals

Upon successful completion of this course you will broaden your vocabulary knowledge by approximately 2000 words and idioms relating to everyday situations. You will also be able to improve your listening and reading skills and be able to take part more fluently and naturally in routine conversations.

Learn vocabulary on the way

Vocabulary 2go

Learning new vocabulary can be both fun and simple if you use the right vocabulary strategies. Using our Vocabulary 2go is the fastest and most powerful way to learn Spanish vocabulary, idioms and useful expressions for daily life. You can just simply download the audio files from the course and start having fun whilst learning Spanish anywhere, as they even work without an internet connection.

EXAMPLE: Lesson 2 - Buying food I

Vocabulary Trainer

Do you find it difficult to learn and remember new vocabulary? The Lengalia Vocabulary Trainer keep track of what you forget and what you remember. You just put some time in each day, and let the software handle the rest. It’s ideal for all learners who want to practice their vocabulary whilst on the go with your smartphone, ipad, etc.

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For self-study: Grammar, Professional, Vocabulary & Travel.

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Vocabulary Trainer, Verb Conjugator, Online Translator, etc.

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Receive an internationally recognized certificate (CEFR).