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the advantages of e-Learning and m-Learning

The Lengalia Learning Portal offers you the advantages of e-Learning (learning with a computer) and mobile learning (learning with a smartphone, tablet, etc), this approach to learning is becoming more of a norm instead of an exception. It presents a lot of advantages over traditional formats of learning.

It allows learning activities to continue outside the scope of the traditional classroom environment. It also allows greater continuity of learning when the class ends or when students go home. This higher level of engagement with the right material leads to better results and higher retention of the material. This is a winning solution for both learners and training coordinators. One of the biggest decisions you'll need to make is selecting the right learning platform.

A sophisticated and affordable learning platform like Lengalia can improve the experience of higher education at any level, from primary school level to university level. Our learning portal is the ideal solution for you: cost effective, convenient and user friendly. The correct solution is one that meets your needs and also offers intuitive access for your users.

Benefits for your students

♦ Flexibility: students love the flexible learning
♦ Students can learn independently in any time and place. E-Learning is self-paced and the learning sessions are alwas available.
♦ Students can customise the course material as to their own individual needs. They also have control over their learning process. 
♦ Students get single central location for all course materials
♦ Students have an option to choose what they like/need
♦ Students can explore subjects in a deeper manner
♦ Reduction of the carbon footprint

Benefits for you

Good value: from 2.99 € user / month
♦ Your school can offer courses not presently available.
♦ The method of teaching becomes more interactive.
♦ You can offer online courses that support a different styles of learning.
♦ Teachers have more time to decide upon how much time to spend with each student.
♦ Instructors can live measure the success of their students.
♦ Retention of information is frequently better than in a traditional classroom.


International language standards CEFRL

After passing the course level test you will receive an official and internationally recognised certificate. This document will demonstrate your language proficiency for both academic and professional purposes such as: university entrance, undertaking an Erasmus program, visa application or a job application, etc.).

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Lengalia is an important stepping stone for…

Language schools

The courses at Lengalia are an ideal addition to any Spanish courses taken at school. This is not only fun, but also supports independent learning, which can be done at any time. 


Our courses correspond to the common European reference framework for languages CEFR and many students worldwide already use the courses and learning tools.


At home actively using the lessons to revise material which has been learnt in previous lessons, which can be accessed through your smartphone anywhere. 

Exchange programmes

Make your exchange student's entry into a new Spanish-speaking country easier with a Lengalia online Spanish course.

Travel agents

Your customers would like to travel to a Spanish-speaking country? The Lengalia Spanish course for holiday and travel would be the ideal companion. 

Your institution

We would be more than happy to make you an individual offer and we can also advise you about the different courses available here at Lengalia.