Podcast on Latin America

A linguistic and cultural trip

Course description

This Podcast on Latin America - online Spanish course contains interesting information about the Spanish speaking countries of Latin America, giving you an insight into the language and cultures of Latin America. Native speakers of each Latin American country – with the corresponding accent and dialect – hold interesting conversations with a Spanish person about their country. There is a podcast for every Spanish-speaking Latin American country.

This Podcasts on Latin America course is indispensable for all those who want to travel to one of the 19 countries in Latin America where Spanish is spoken. The podcasts consist of conversations between Diana (a native Spanish speaker from Spain) and a native speaker from each of the Latin American countries. The conversations examine useful topics for travellers (such as climate, population, cuisine, culture, places to visit, holidays, legends, etc.) as well as particular linguistic aspects of the country (the pronunciation and meaning of expressions and typical idioms).

Each podcast consists of a 22-minute long dialogue, its respective translation, vocabulary explanations of difficult words and lots of interactive exercises.

Recommended level
B2. The following online placement test will allow you to evaluate your existing level of Spanish.

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Course content

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Puerto Rico

Lesson content

All podcasts have a transcript. This allows you to listen and read at the same time.

A variety of exercises focusing on grammar and vocabulary, and exercises focusing on listening and reading skills. With our Vocabulary Trainer, you can practise and improve your vocabulary from the course on your smartphone or tablet. 

A glossary containing the most relevant words and phrases from the lesson.

Audio & videos
Listening comprehension using audio and video to practice your listening skills for travelling abroad and communicating with Spanish speakers from around the world.

Course goals

Upon successful completion of this course, you will acquire a general awareness of the sociocultural aspects and the linguistic peculiarities of each of the Latin American countries. At the same time, you will develop your listening and reading comprehension and extend your vocabulary whilst refreshing your grammar.

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