Podcasts about Spain III

Spanish Culture


Podcasts designed for all those that want to develop their listening skills and acquire a better sociocultural understanding of Spain. Niveau C1

Podcasts about Spain III

Lesson 1: Driving license
Lesson 2: NGO’s
Lesson 3: Squatters
Lesson 4: ETA
Lesson 5: Mistreated women
Lesson 6: I want to live in Spain
Lesson 7: I want to study and work in Spain
Lesson 8: Erasmus in Spain
Lesson 9: Immigration in Spain
Lesson 10: Spanish youth
Lesson 11: The Spanish woman
Lesson 12: The Spanish man
Lesson 13: Recycling at home
Lesson 14: Spanish movies
Lesson 15: Typical Spanish clichés
Lesson 16: Spanish music

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