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Course description

The first and most important lesson while learning any language is to learn the alphabets and the proper pronunciation. Please do not proceed further without learning this because it will hinder your speech of the language. The Spanish language is quite easy to pronounce since most letters only have one sound. This course will serve as a guide for how to pronounce each letter alone and in combination with other letters.

This course Spanish pronunciation - Course to learn online is designed to help you to recognise, produce and transcribe all of the sounds in the Spanish language. Use this course to quickly develop confidence in your Spanish pronunciation skills. With that confidence, you will progress much more quickly. This course shows the letters that are pronounced differently from the English.

The course contains 32 lessons with a wide variety of interactive exercises to help you to broaden your knowledge of the pronunciation and transcription of the sounds in Spanish. The lessons contain small videos and explanations to show you how to correctly pronounce every word.

Recommended level
No previous knowledge required. The following placement test will allow you to evaluate your existing level of Spanish online Spanish placement test.

Course contents

Lesson 1 A
Lesson 2 B
Lesson 3 Ch
Lesson 4 C
Lesson 5 D
Lesson 6 E
Lesson 7 F
Lesson 8 G
Lesson 9 H
Lesson 10 I
Lesson 11 J
Lesson 12 K
Lesson 13 LL
Lesson 14 L
Lesson 15 M
Lesson 16 N
Lesson 17 Ñ
Lesson 18 O
Lesson 19 P
Lesson 20 Q
Lesson 21 R
Lesson 22 S
Lesson 23 T
Lesson 24 U
Lesson 25 V
Lesson 26 W
Lesson 27 X
Lesson 28 Y
Lesson 29 Z
Lesson 30 Cc
Lesson 31 Diphthongs with i, u
Lesson 32 Diphthongs with a, e, o

Course goals

Upon successful completion of this course you will be capable of accurate pronunciation and of writing correctly in Spanish.


International language standards CEFRL

Receive an official and internationally recognized certificate after successfully passing the test level course. This document is valid to prove your language skills in both academic and professional contexts (university entrance, performing an Erasmus program, visa application, job application, etc.).

Record your voice

With Lengalia Voice Recoder function you can record your voice and directly compare it with the one of a spanish native speaker. In this way, you will improve your speaking skills and pronunciation on your own to sound like a native speaker. Supported browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Android (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) and Microsoft Edge.

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