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Spanish grammar online: Advanced level


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Course description

This course Spanish course C1 - Spanish grammar online is designed for students who already possess an advanced level of Spanish and who want to continue their learning. It deepens and extends their existing knowledge of Spanish.

Recommended level
B2. The following placement test will allow you to evaluate your existing level of Spanish online Spanish placement test.

Course contents

Lesson 1The imperfect subjunctive
Lesson 2The past perfect (pluperfect) subjunctive
Lesson 3Spanish verb tenses: Overview
Lesson 4Indicative vs. Subjunctive II
Lesson 5If-clauses
Lesson 6Relative pronouns, relative clauses
Lesson 7Por vs. para
Lesson 8The passive voice
Lesson 9Phrasal verbs and verbs with prepositions
Lesson 10Indirect speech
Lesson 11Story to read
Lesson 12Revision
Lesson 13Test C1

Lessons content

Grammar & Exercises
Practical spanish grammar with comprehensive explanations. Translated into English and with many examples.

With Lengalia Voice Recoder function you can record your voice and directly compare it with the one of a spanish native speaker.

Audios and videos with exercises to achieve the learning objectives required by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Specific exercises to expand the words and concepts that you have to learn at this level. With our Vocabulary Trainer you can practice and improve the vocabulary of this course on the go with your smartphone, e.g.

Specific exercises focusing on oral interaction: describe, ask, reject, acknowledge, apologize, express feelings, etc.

Specific exercises to achieve the learning objectives required by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


International language standards CEFRL

Receive an official and internationally recognized certificate after successfully passing the test level course. This document is valid to prove your language skills in both academic and professional contexts (university entrance, performing an Erasmus program, visa application, job application, etc.).

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Course goals

Listening Spanish

Listening - Listening comprehension
I can understand extended speech even when it is not clearly structured and when relationships are only implied and not signalled explicitly. I can understand television programmes and films without too much effort.

Speaking Spanish

Speaking - Spoken interaction
I can express myself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions. I can use language flexibly and effectively for social and professional purposes. I can formulate ideas and opinions with precision and relate my contribution skilfully to those of other speakers. I can present clear, detailed descriptions of complex subjects integrating sub-themes, developing particular points and rounding off with an appropriate conclusion.

Reading Spanish

Reading - Reading comprehension
I can understand long and complex factual and literary texts, appreciating distinctions of style. I can understand specialised articles and longer technical instructions, even when they do not relate to my field.

Writing Spanish

I can express myself in clear, well-structured text, expressing points of view at some length. I can write about complex subjects in a letter, an essay or a report, underlining what I consider to be the salient issues. I can select a style appropriate to the reader in mind.

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