Tips for effective Learning




The more you practise listening, the more you will begin to understand. For this reason “Learning through listening” is essential in order to improve your listening comprehension.


- Try to understand the basic idea of what you have heard. You do not need to understand every word to comprehend the content of a sentence.

- Pay attention to the context in which the conversation plays out.

- Take note of the emotions and opinions that are expressed.


- Listen to our dialogues, exercises and vocabulary. In many of our courses you will get an audio file to download with the most important vocabulary for each lesson. This allows you to learn vocabulary and practice your pronunciation.

- Also listen to our podcasts from Spain and Latin America.

- Listen to the radio and songs from countries in which Spanish is spoken.

- Watch TV and films from those countries in their original version, with or without subtitles.Hörverstehen beschreibt die Fähigkeit einer Person zu hören und und zu verstehen in Spanisch, was er hören verstehen.